Node House

Node House


American Institute of Architects South Carolina Award, 2019

Architecture is a form of public art. As such the materials in this project were chosen either for their rigidity or flexibility and then sculpturally manipulated to express the opposite.The rigidity of the horizontal wood siding and window mullion pattern are juxtaposed to a playful use of soaring concrete walls and undulating faceted steel.The fluid movement of water in the pool is contained in a pure rectangle while the adjacent wood deck is moving in and out as well as up and down along the marsh. What is thought of as organic is rigid while what is thought of as geometric is flexible.

Natural and environmental forces on this piece of public art influenced use of the site.Hurricane and seismic measures were a given in this location but the daily sun and rain conditions were highly considered.The raised structure protects the dwelling space but also allows nature to be observed and enjoyed from a place of safety. Rushing storm water passes below the structure while impact glass maintains a positive pressure within the home.The green roofs bring a controlled nature back onto the living levels while providing a platform for viewing nature below. Solar panels on the roof take advantage of the abundant energy provided each day yet also allow for power when the grid is down. The home showcases genuine materials with integrity and durability that will patina with grace allowing the homeowners years of enjoyment without maintenance.

Materials, more than form, set the relationship of site to volume, inside to outside and building to user.The details required to bring together stucco, glass, wood, concrete and steel called for a deliberate balance so that each was allowed to speak for itself yet together created a composite whole.Exposed steel became a reveal that set apart the various materials acting as a shadow line further connecting the ground with the piano noble and then extending it to the raised flat roofs.The angled roofs appear to be supported by wood. The concrete wall elements act as a brace and accent, further grounding what is in essence a floating structure. Copper and wood create the solid against the void of windows in the facade.Carefully placed southern windows allow for selected light while the northern facade is open almost entirely for uninterrupted views.

The rigor that combines and organizes the siting and materials is a unique system to this design.The materiality moving from inside to outside, the connection of the pool almost inside the home, and nature transposed from ground to roof are moves that reinforce an artistic expressions of materials and their implied uses. The resulting harmony of elements intends to connect the home to nature at a physical and visual level. The ordering of elements combine the culture of the home with its environment through finely crafted materials.