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private residence

10   /   07   /   2021

An understanding of how southern vernacular architecture has evolved drove the program for this long narrow home. One window left uncovered provides the perfect perch to watch the world go by and a moment of reprieve in an otherwise static rhythmic two story lattice that greets the street. Polished concrete floors add to the sleek elegant nature of the home while reflecting the private side garden and natural sunlight coming through the lattice wall.

private club

10   /   07   /   2021

Located in the northern portion of the Charleston peninsula, with no surrounding structures and previously considered a wasteland, this location is the perfect host for a 'get away'. Entering the gates of the Wonderer immediately conveys warmth and relaxation through the warm glulam structure and natural light that playfully dances throughout the site. Every space is designed with exposure to sunlight for flexible programs. The Wonderer is intended to be a powerful, yet welcoming, structure in the heart of an industrial landscape. 

king st apartment

11   /   30   /   2021

A contemporary renovation in a spacious apartment in downtown Charleston. Cool gray tones are paired with warm woods to establish comfortable living and entertainment spaces. Ceilings are left exposed, ensuing an industrial theme, yet not distracting from the feeling of home.

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