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private residence

06   /    30   /   2012

A linear design was the obvious solution to a long linear lot with many desirable trees. A long trellis spine creates a path to the entrance, and functions as the back bone of this home. The tabby structures are in reference to the ruins found on Spring Island. 

Golf club

03   /    01   /   2007

Located on a rural sea island, conservation of local ruins and natural landscape are very important to the community. The club house itself resembles the forest with large round columns, suggesting trees, and over hanged roofs serving as shelter.

Private residence

04   /    01   /   2011

A "temple" in the woods, inspired by a spirit of simplicity. The compact rectilinear gable resembles that of a rustic temple. A curved wall reaches out of the rigorous plan as an arm reaches out to receive guests. This small cabin retreat wastes no space.