Allin Residence

Allin Residence


Balsam Mountain, North Carolina

2009 Honor Award, Robert Mills Residential Design


In the steeply furrowed mountains of western North Carolina, a home is perched on the end of a high saddle of land in the center of a large land conservation preserve.The arrangement of spaces and the building shaping are in a careful relationship to the surrounding mountain and valley terrain.

The low saddle roofs of the center shelter the long western views, while the north and south sheds reach up to the high mountain peaks across the near valleys.The outdoor rooms are settled closely to the existing landforms and trees to enjoy the dramatic hardwood forest surrounding.The dark slate skin and bronze and gray finishes allow the home to disappear in a very prominent location in the preserve.

Walnut, cleft slate, and gun-blued steel were used throughout the project as material reflections of the rugged mountain surroundings.The hand-carved water runnel was a connection to the strong craft tradition of the area culture.